10 Tips to Maintain the Durability and Appeal of Iron Fences

Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are decorative, sturdy and durable. Iron fences work well for security purposes. Although outsiders can still see into the property, scaling the fence or attempting to slip through the railings is extremely difficult. Iron fencing will remain intact for many years if properly maintained.

The following tips will help you keep your iron fence looking good and structurally sound:

  1. Protect the Metal
    There are several ways to protect the metal. A light coating of wax will protect against moisture and reduce the risk of rust and disrepair. You can also apply a thin coating of sealant to protect any exposed metal. Protecting the metal will keep the metal in good condition and help you to avoid fence repair issues in the future.

  2. Keep It Clean
    Keeping the fence clean will reduce the risk of damage and rust. Rinsing the fence with a hose and using a mild cleanser for washing the fence will remove the residue left from yard chemicals that have been applied to the lawn. Some chemicals may be potent enough to peel or compromise existing paint.

  3. Apply Rust-Proof Paint
    Every year or so, apply a coat of rust-proof paint. Making sure the entire fence is covered will prevent rust spots from spreading and damaging the integrity of the fence. Painting the entire fence with a coat of primer paint will add an extra layer of protection. Using a rust-proof paint as a top coat will keep rust from spreading or causing irreparable damage.

  4. Repair Rusty Areas
    Repair any rusty areas by using a fine, wire brush to remove the rust. Once the rust has been removed, apply one or two coats of primer paint. After the primer dries, you can apply a top coat of paint or seal with a sealant.

  5. Replace Bent Pieces
    If there are any bent or broken pieces, make sure they are professionally repaired. This means removing the broken or bent piece and having a new piece welded into place. Having a professional welder to perform any fence repair will ensure that the structural integrity of the fence remains intact.

  6. Inspect Your Fence and Gate on a Regular Basis
    Every spring and fall, inspect your fence and gate on a regular basis. If you go over the fence thoroughly at least twice a year, you will be able to uncover any rust or weak spots that can eventually lead to damage or parts that are showing extreme wear and tear.

  7. Remove Vines and Bush
    Remove any vines and bush that are growing up and through the fencing. Plants that are growing in and around a fence may eventually damage the fence. Eliminating vines and bush will also reduce yard waste and keep it from building up around the base of the fence.

  8. Clean Your Fence
    Keep debris and yard waste from building up around the base of your fence. When grass or leaves build up along the ground, they can retain moisture, causing the metal of your fencing to rust and deteriorate. Remove any buildup of grass clippings and leaves to protect the fence from damage.

  9. Grease Gate Hinges
    Grease the moving parts of the gate. Hinges, latches and any other type of mechanism should be greased every two or three months. This will protect moving parts from excessive wear and tear and will keep them from squeaking or making other types of noise. Fence repair professionals can help if you don’t want to fix it yourself.

  10. Replace Worn Hinges or Fasteners
    Moving parts of the gate will eventually begin to wear out. Even with proper care and maintenance, wheels, hinges and latches may begin to show signs of wear and tear. When this occurs, promptly make any fence repair that is needed, thoroughly grease the moving parts and apply coats of paint as they are needed.

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Ron Frazelle is the Project Manager of La Habra Fence Company, a leading provider and installer of chain link fencing in Southern California for over 65 years. Ron is committed to providing the best customer service, high quality products and quick project completion at the best overall value for his clients. La Habra Fence Company offers a wide variety of fencing options, including chain link fences, ornamental iron fences, security cages and security gates.


  1. I always try to spray off my fence every now and then. However, I have never used any kind of cleaner on it. What kind of cleanser do you recommend that I use, and what is the best way to apply it?

  2. Thanks for the tip that you can apply a light wax coating to the metal to protect it. You also said that rinsing wrought iron fencing with a hose and using a mild cleanser will help to remove some residue from yard chemicals. I think it’s a good idea to choose a wrought iron gate contractor that has a guarantee that their fencing is truly wrought iron.

  3. I want to get an iron fence installed around my front yard. It’s good to know that once a year you should apply a rust-proof paint once a year. Another thing to do is to get your fence professionally installed.

  4. I liked that you pointed out that you should repair any rusty parts of a metal fence. It does seem like a good thing is a good thing to be aware of when you have an iron fence. I really like the idea of having an iron fence and I would want to take good care of it.

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  6. It may seem really simple but cleaning the fence is the best way to deter rust and sediment build up. It is also important like you said to only use chemicals that won’t destroy the painting on the fence. Keeping the fence free of harmful chemicals will keep it durable and shiny all year long.

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