What Are the Benefits of Security Fencing for Schools?

Security fencing for Schools

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “security fence” isn’t normally a school, but schools are an excellent area to consider installing a fence for security.

Consider the following reasons for installing fencing around a school area:

Keeps out Vandals
Open areas seem to invite those who are bred and looking for something to destroy. Having a security fence around the school will make it more difficult for vandals to spray paint, break windows and otherwise destroy the beautiful landscape of the area. In most cases, vandals are looking for a quick in-and-out and climbing a fence doesn’t make for a quick getaway.

Improved Safety
By installing cameras and a gate that requires authorization for entry, teachers and students can relax knowing unauthorized people won’t be able to enter and disrupt their work. We don’t like the idea of our kids being unsafe at school, so putting safety measures in place make sense in today’s world.

Student Tracking
Kids, especially those in higher grades, have a tendency to wander away, skip classes or leave the school grounds. With security fencing in place, it is easier to keep track of when students enter and leave the grounds. They can be monitored throughout the day which will prevent them leaving unsupervised or without permission.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Security fencing does not have to be ugly or look imposing. There are many different styles and colors available. Adding the correct style, the school yard can be not only safe and secure, but an oasis from the harshness of city streets. What better place to learn than an environment that feels calm, pleasing and secure?

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  1. I knew nothing about security fences before reading this article. I like how you explained that security fences help to improve the safety of you and others. I can imagine how helpful a security fence can be when it comes to keeping you and others safe at all times.

  2. I have always been curious about why schools have chainwire fences, and wanted to learn a little bit more. It’s interesting that it can actually improve the safety of the kids and teachers. It would be nice to know that you won’t have to worry about being getting hurt because of it.

  3. I appreciate this article about the benefits of security fences for schools. It would be great to know that it would be difficult for vandals to spray paint and paint windows. It would be a good idea to decide on a fence type before installation. Taking your climate into consideration when making this decision would be helpful.

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