How to Decorate Fence in Valentine’s Day Spirit with Hearts

Valentine’s Day gives you the opportunity to create a display of colorful hearts on your fence, which can put your neighbors in the spirit. You can make the hearts out of yarn simply by wrapping it around fence wire.

Even when the hearts take on a “V shape” people will get the message and associate it with Valentine’s Day.

Here are ways adults and kids can make fences look as festive as possible with colorful hearts:

  • Bright Colors
    Bright red hearts will definitely catch people’s attention and have the most impact in reminding people about Valentine’s Day. While bright red is the most obvious color for this occasion, you can still mix up the colors to create a cheerful image. Dark blue, light blue, purple and yellow can add excitement to the presentation. By using mostly red hearts you will have creative freedom to mix in other colors.

  • Inexpensive Decorations
    All you really need are small balls of yarn with various colors if you want to keep the hearts basic yet effective. The hearts can be big or small to create a charming atmosphere, as long as you attach several of them on the fence. You can enhance the hearts with other items such as polymer clay. To maximize your small budget, save the hearts and use them again next year or for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

  • Adding Detail
    Any subtle detail you can add to the hearts will make them even more special. The smaller the hearts are, the less you need to worry about detail, while the bigger the hearts, the more you may want to consider making the upper corners of the hearts more round. The key for making the most stunning and memorable decorations is to make the hearts unique while conveying your own personality.

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