10 Ideas to Help Choose the Fence That Works for You


Are you thinking of installing a fence but are a bit overwhelmed at all the possible choices? Don’t worry!

Here are 10 ideas to help you feel more confident when making your choice:

  1. What Purpose Will the Fence Serve?
    Are you looking for a fenced-in yard to let your dog run, give you some privacy, or a means of decorating your area? The purpose behind the fence will help determine what kind you should install.

  2. Consider Material.
    Decide whether a stockade fence or chain-link will look better. Thinking about your purpose will direct you to the material that will work best.

  3. Consider Different Styles.
    There is no rule saying you have to have the same fencing every place on your property. Maybe a picket fence will look nice in the front, while a privacy one better serves your needs in back.

  4. Research Regulations.
    Every town has its own rules and regulations regarding the height of fencing. Make sure you know all applicable regulations before you build.

  5. Natural Fencing?
    Planting a line of thick hedges might be an appropriate choice rather than installing wood or chain-link. Hedges come in a multitude of heights and colors and help add greenery to your property.

  6. Consider Professional Installation.
    Installing a fence is harder than it appears.

  7. Consider Your Neighbors.
    Discuss your plans with neighbors and consider how the fence will look from their side.

  8. Consider Weather.
    Think about the kinds of weather conditions the fence will endure and make sure it can handle it easily.

  9. What about Gates?
    Providing two ways to exit the area will help make sure getting out of the yard during an emergency is possible.

  10. Decorate.
    A plain fence can be dressed up with climbing plants, decorations, and color.

Ron Frazelle is the Project Manager of La Habra Fence Company, a leading provider and installer of chain link fencing in Southern California for over 65 years. Ron is committed to providing the best customer service, high quality products and quick project completion at the best overall value for his clients. La Habra Fence Company offers a wide variety of fencing options, including chain link fences, ornamental iron fences, security cages and security gates.

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